Red (pandoras_kitten) wrote in nw_lesbians,

For any Seattlites

Queers and Allies Unite, Take Back the Night: A Candlelight Vigil against Anti-LGBTQ Violence in Capitol Hill (Feb. 28)

***Safe Schools Coalition proudly endorses this vigil****

A recent upsurge in hate crimes against members of LGBTQ community has called the Queer Ally Coalition into action. We are fighting back against the violence and hatred with a peaceful candlelight vigil. We would like to invite you to light a candle for the people who have fallen victim to hate crimes in our community and throughout the rest of the country.

The Queer Ally Coalition will be doing some fund raising at the event, selling candles, rainbow flags, and whistles, which we hope will prevent future attacks from happening to members of our community. See you there!

It starts at 8pm at the Pillars on Boren Ave. and Pike St. in Capitol Hill, Seattle, WA.
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