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An American Fatty in London

ATTN: folks in Portland, Oregon!

Hope it's OK to post this here! Seems appropriate, but I'll drop it under a cut just to be safe!

DykeTees.Com is searching for queer (bi-inclusive!), self-identified female models spanning a wide spectrum of age, race, size, ability and gender presentation (butch/femme/andro/etc) for an upcoming product shoot. Bonus points for tattoos, sense of humor and rad haircuts. We can't offer cash, but we can offer tees, pics and visibility!

To be considered:

1) email us your most current photo, candid is ok as long as we can see your entire face.
2) email us your top 10 favorite items from DykeTees, along with the corresponding product (no hoodies) and size for that design.
3) include your phone number and mailing address (for delivery of shirts in advance so you can plan your outfit/accessories)

Our email address is

If you are chosen as a model, we will do our best to make sure that you are able to get something in your top 10 list, though we can't make this promise because we know that there will be overlap on favorites. We will do our best!

Please forward to any friends you feel might be interested.
You must be in the Portland area and able to travel to be at the photo shoot. :)


xoxo -
Dyketees Divas
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