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An American Fatty in London

10 Days to FatGirl Speaks in Portland, Oregon!!

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10 Days:

- to powerhouse vocals from Nedra Johnson!
- to the Phat Fly Girls from Big Moves!
- to jam out with your ham out with Fatty & the Ham Slappers!
- to romp and stomp with the F.A.T.A.S.S. Cheerleaders!
- to drink in the sweet-voiced Jana Phoenix!
- to raise your fist with Blacque Butterfly's fierce words and Joy Nash's Fat Rant!
- to embrace your sexuality with Sahara Dunes, SweetPea and Sourpuss' Burlesque!
- to celebrate your curves with Samina and Miasia's Belly Dance!
- to defied conventions and rebellious style in the Fashion Show!

10 Days:

- to another chance to deepen your love for your WHOLE self!
- to another chance to build your community of friends and allies!
- to another chance to fly in the face of every negative message the world sends your way with defiant, powerful, beautiful and joyful SELF LOVE!!!!

FatGirl Speaks isn't just a show. FatGirl Speaks is a revolution. FatGirl Speaks is a respite. FatGirl Speaks is your chance to refill your tanks with enough love to fuel you for another year of bravebody battle!!

Join us!
Saturday June 9th
Doors and vendors at 6pm
Fashion show at 7pm
Main show at 8pm
PSU Smith Ballroom
1825 SW Broadway

Tickets available by calling 503-725-3307
by going to any ticketmaster outlet:
online at (this is the most expensive way -- avoid if possible)
or at the door, day of. :)
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