An American Fatty in London (fatfeistyfemme) wrote in nw_lesbians,
An American Fatty in London

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Final countdown for Blasphemy Ball on Saturday, March 10th!


Toast your toes at Dante's inferno - SW 3rd & Burnside, Portland
Dress yourself in perversion of faith!
$8 with costume, $10 without!
Doors at 9pm

Featuring not-for-the-faint-of-heart performances from PURE Cirkus (seattle's famous Modern Cirkus -, the stunning Domina Betka Schpitz ( and her wicked lovelies staffing the confessional, and DJ's Horrid, ChaotiQueer and Sine Qua Non.

The Blasphemy Ball is big EFF YOU to zealoutry, bigotry and oppression. One big night of heresy and hedonism. One night of focused, therapeutic rebellion. Nothing is sacred at the Blasphemy Ball. Shake your fist at whatever you believe. Shake your fist at whatever you don't. We're shaking ours and we want you with us.

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